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Established in 1996 as a purpose-made joinery, Seven Oaks Modular is tapping into the growing demand for cost-effective, sustainable, low carbon homes and buildings. Its eco-friendly and innovative modular timber panel systems have been used in a number of major residential, commercial and educational projects across Wales and England.

It’s not just their products that are green – sustainability is at the core of everything Seven Oaks does. The company has invested millions of pounds in the regeneration of Neath’s iconic Metal Box factory, to create a state-of-the-art off-site manufacturing facility. The site is heated by biomass boilers, the fuel for which is supplied by waste timber. They also have plans to install a solar panel roofing system in order to make the facility totally energy self-sufficient. 

Seven Oaks CEO, Jonathan Hale, doesn’t underestimate the benefits that local and national government support can bring to businesses and the wider environment.

“The investment we received through the Property Business Development Grant along with the Welsh Government’s Innovative Housing Programme has made an enormous difference to Seven Oak’s capacity. We believe it’ll take us some considerable distance to helping Wales achieve its future zero-carbon housing targets.”

Jonathan Hale


The Regional Advantage

Manufacturing accounts for around 25% of total output, compared with 10% in the UK and 17% in Wales. 19.1% of the local working population are linked to manufacturing, more than double the UK average.

Neath Port Talbot is home to Tata Steel’s integrated steel production plant, the UK’s largest original steel producer capable of producing nearly 5 million tonnes of steel slab per annum.

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