A place to live

a place to set up home

Neath Port Talbot is not just a great location to do business, it’s also a great place to set up home.

The lower cost of living compared with other parts of the UK, combined with a more laid-back pace of life, makes a satisfying work-life balance far more achievable. Which will give you more time and energy to explore the dramatic and diverse landscapes around you.

Clamber up one of our hillsides and watch the natural theatre of sky, sea and land playing out below. Nature sits side-by-side with the man-made. Waterfalls drop down to meet the waves. Our industrial heritage is the pride of our communities.

Our mountains and valleys, rivers and coastline also provide a natural playground for a range of activities, whether your idea of adventure is hurtling down the Afan Valley on a mountain bike or making messy work of an ice cream on the Aberavon shoreline.

The people of Neath Port Talbot are as distinctive as the landscapes and you’ll find our unmistakeable character everywhere you go – friendly and authentically Welsh.