Fabian Way Innovation Corridor

Fabian Way is the principal eastern approach route from the M4 into Swansea and has evolved into an important business corridor. The construction of an 800,000 sq. ft. Amazon distribution centre in 2007 – the largest in the UK at the time – was a catalyst for redevelopment in the area. This was followed by the opening of the Bay Studios in 2012 on the site of the former Ford and Visteon car parts factory.

Perhaps the most significant regeneration project along this 3-mile corridor was Swansea University’s Bay Campus. Situated on a 65-acre former BP transit site, the university’s ambition was to create a world-leading research, innovation and educational campus. This was realised with the opening of the Bay Campus in 2015. With a cost of £450 million, it was one of the largest knowledge economy projects to date in both the UK and Europe.

Other businesses in the area include Trojan Electronics, UnitBirwelco, Quicklink and Vizolution.